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We are beginning the process of reopening our space! See our COVID page for more info.

Welcome to the Prospect Heights Shul!

We are a warm and diverse Modern Orthodox community that exists to create meaningful relationships among its members and with G-d, to foster personal and spiritual growth, and to care for those who are marginalized, within our community and beyond it. We hope you'll join us to daven, to learn, to eat, or just to talk.


"וְאָֽהַבְתָּ֥ לְרֵעֲךָ֖ כָּמ֑וֹךָ — And you should love your fellow as yourself — V'ahavta l’re’acha kamocha"

According to Rambam, bikur cholim (visiting and helping the sick) is an aspect of this central mitzvah.  In an effort to ensure community support to anyone who might need or want it, we are forming a PHS Bikur Cholim Committee.  Our goal is to be there for anyone who could use a helping hand. Especially at this time, we are aware that there are members of our community who are isolated due to illness, quarantine or distance. We can provide a listening ear, visits, services such as meals and certain errands with respect for privacy, diversity and autonomy. Rabbi Leener is also available for spiritual counseling. If you or someone you know could use our support, or even just a check-in, or if you'd like to join us, please email

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COVID Update

We have resumed davening indoors at 1027 Pacific St!  Preregistration and compliance with our covid policies is required -- please see our covid page for more info

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  • Wednesday ,
    FebFebruary  9 , 2022
    Scholar in Residence Zohar Atkins
    Wednesday, Feb 9th 7:30p to 9:00p
    About the Series: While Leo Strauss formulated the fundamental tension between Jerusalem (Revelation) and Athens (Reason), Jewish literature is more focused on the conflict between Jerusalem (Particularism) and Rome (Empire). In this series we will look at Talmudic stories that treat the relationship between Jewish belief and Roman Power. What is the difference between Jewish thought and Roman thought? Are they in tension or harmony? This is a virtual event.


  • Friday ,
    MarMarch  4 , 2022
    Scholar in Residence- Eliyahu Stern
    Friday, Mar 4th 5:00p to 11:00p
    We are very excited to welcome Eliyahu Stern, Associate Professor of Modern Jewish Intellectual and Cultural History at Yale University as Scholar-in-Residence. He is the author of the award-winning, The Genius: Elijah of Vilna and the Making of Modern Judaism (Yale University Press in 2012). His second monograph Jewish Materialism: The Intellectual Revolution of the 1870s (Yale University Press, 2018) details the ideological background to Jews’ involvement in Zionism, Capitalism, and Communism. Schedule: Friday night dinner lecture: Critical Race Theory, Antisemitism, and the Jewish Question in America Today Shabbat morning (3/5) drasha: Zionism: Then and Now Seuda shlishit: A Widow from Vilna made the Talmud!?! The Most Important Story about the Sages No One Told You About



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We're excited to start meeting in our new home at 1027 Pacific Street!

Wed, January 26 2022 24 Shevat 5782